Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Man claimed he had the devil trapped in branches on his truck

Police in Trinity, Texas, arrested a man on Sunday following a high-speed chase involving a driver who claimed he had the devil trapped in the bed of his pickup.

Police Chief Steve Jones said the family of the man, Norman Damon Foley, 36, of Trinity, reported he had been acting strange. Officer Donald Givens reported seeing driving erratic and speeding. He attempted to stop Foley and Foley led a chase with speeds topping at 92 miles per hour.

Authorities finally stopped Foley in Walker County, when a deputy joined the pursuit. Jones said the deputy stayed behind Foley and Givens pulled up beside the truck and forced him over to the shoulder.

Jones said Foley had branches inside the pickup and that he had the devil trapped in the branches on his truck and that he was going to burn the devil. A state trooper in Walker County conducted a field sobriety test and determined Foley was not intoxicated. He has been charged with evading arrest with a vehicle.

With news video. There's a raw video of the police chase here.


Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the area, unfortunately. "Sterno-swilling trailer trash" is the most succinct description of the denizens thereabouts.

Barbwire said...

I really hope there's some distortion in the angle of the photo, or the lens. I would hate to think his face is actually configured that way.