Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nine-year-old boy wrote letter of apology to little brother for 'pinching him in the nuts'

A nine-year-old boy who pinched his little brother on the testicles has had his letter of apology published on Facebook.

In the letter, posted by the boys' mother, Zac tells his five-year-old brother that he's "so sad and sorry for pinching you in the nuts that I can feel the pain". Knowing saying sorry won't make up for it, he even vows to make financial restitution. Of $1.

"I know that this note won't completely make it up for you so here's $1.00 all for you! I know it doesn't make the pain go away and I can't put a bandaid on it! You wouldn't be able to pee!," Zac writes. "I hope you feel better in the morning buddy!"

The incident occurred at Zac's family home in Adelaide, Australia.


Ryan said...

HAHA classic! Kid has morals!

Anonymous said...

no the kid is being taught that there's a price to pay for your actions. good job mom!

Joel said...

Aww, -very sweet! A big brother doing right to his sibling. ;-)