Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spanish village welcomes first baby since 1968

The first baby in 45 years has been born in a tiny village in the province of Almería with fewer than 100 inhabitants.

Young first-time parents Beatriz and Iker say they have lived all over Spain, but wanted their child to 'grow up close to nature' and near her maternal grandparents. Baby Ainara has caused a stir in Los Giles, given that nobody has been born to anyone living in the village since 1968.

The population has since declined as a result, and only around 60 people are on the census. Beatriz and Iker say they take the baby, who was born three weeks ago, out into the village every day so that the mostly-elderly residents can coo over her.

“Everyone's really pleased – this is a celebration,” said one of the residents. Nearly everyone in Los Giles has had a chance to hold Ainara at least once, and her parents constantly receive visits from their neighbours.

There's a short video report in Spanish here.

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