Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ulster Gazette headline writer pastiches Queen

The Ulster Gazette in Northern Ireland ran a story this week on DRD Minister Danny Kennedy's railway service consultation exercise.

The headline ran: "Over £100m! Is this the rail price? Is this just fantasy? Caught up in land buys, No escape from bureaucracy!".

The Gazette's deputy editor Richard Burden is the man responsible. "I just always liked to do that type of headline. If there's a film, a song, a lyric - anything that springs to mind and it lends itself, you'll try to fit the words in round it," he says.

"Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is one of those iconic songs, the tempo and the lyrics lend themselves to the headline. You recognise it right away, it's not an obscure song, I think it's pretty obvious what it's on about. Campaigners in Armagh might say that the amount of money involved or suggested doesn't add up and it just lent itself to the lyric, you know - is it a real price or is it just fantasy?".

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