Thursday, May 02, 2013

Artist uses jet engine as paintbrush

Princess Tarinan von Anhalt's creative process involves hurling paint into the air flow of a Learjet engine, splattering paint onto a canvas to create abstract designs.

Von Anhalt, from Florida, says she's always been an artist, from film to cosmetology, but Jet Art is her favourite venture right now. She says it's an adrenaline rush.

"It is dangerous, I don't think about it. I get in front of the jet, I'm in the moment. I'm creating a moment in time so it's literally history making," she said.

YouTube link. Additional news video.

Her late husband created the art form 30 years ago. "I know he's up there smiling and inspiring me with all the colours and the excitement," said von Anhalt.

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sooz said...

Well, hell. I could do this. And I'll use a huge industrial fan instead of a jet engine and save the environment that much in fossil fuels.