Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disappointment as giant rubber duck drowns in Hong Kong

A giant inflatable rubber duck which has attracted tens of thousands of visitors since it sailed into Hong Kong two weeks ago was reduced to a sad deflated disc on Wednesday in the city's harbour.

Organisers said that the duck had been deflated on Tuesday evening as part of scheduled maintenance work and that it would be towed to a shipyard for thorough checking.

On a grey morning in Hong Kong tearful 45-year-old Mirinna Chan reflected the feelings of visitors to the pier. "The sky looks like it is crying for me - I took time off from work just to see the duck, now it is just a blob," she said.

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"The duck represents happiness for us," 30-year-old Lee Chun-shing said. "It was the highlight of this place, but now the highlight is deflated, of course everyone is disappointed," he added. Many visitors resorted to having their pictures taken with smaller rubber ducks on show nearby.

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