Friday, May 10, 2013

Indian villagers rescue baby elephant from ditch

In a heartwarming incident, local residents in northeast India rescued an elephant calf on Monday after she fell in a ditch.

According to the locals, the baby elephant lagged behind from its herd and fell in the ditch, filled with water. Responding to the cries of the calf, two elephants from the herd rushed towards to ditch and made several attempts to rescue the calf, but in vain.

The incident occured in Amolighat district of India's northeastern Assam state. Locals quickly gathered, who first fired some gun shots in the air to disperse the two elephants. A group of over 20 locals then rushed to the aid of the calf and using ropes they pulled her clear from the ditch.

YouTube link.

Local resident Shyam Baruwa, said: "All the villagers came together to pull this elephant calf out of the ditch. She was in a bad condition and we could not bear the sight of a baby dying in that ditch and that is why we rushed to pull her from the ditch." The calf was transported to the nearby Kaziranga national park for medical treatment.

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