Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Man suffered hernia the size of a watermelon after retrieving his beer from river

The so-called three-second infection rule clearly did not apply when John Macdonald, 59, from Queensland, Australia, dropped his beer in the Brisbane River during a fishing trip. On March 20 last year, he was not thinking about what could possibly lurk in the waters below when he fished it back out and kept drinking.

Less than three hours later, he was violently ill with a stomach bug. Mr Macdonald said he was prescribed antibiotics but nothing worked. Eight days after the sip, he was admitted to Caboolture Hospital for surgery. "I was unable to eat or drink by that stage," he said. "My friends said I'd better get up to the hospital." The operation was unsuccessful and he had to undergo a second one, which also failed.

Mr Macdonald said that by then, he had fallen into a coma and his family had been told he was going to die. He was transferred to Royal Brisbane Hospital and underwent another operation. While the operation was deemed a success, he never realised the toll the failed operations had taken on his body until he woke up afterwards.

He was left with a nasty-looking infection which he said was a hernia that made him look pregnant. Mr Macdonald said he was told he would need another six operations at the Royal Brisbane. The first was scheduled for last week but when he arrived at the hospital, he was told not enough beds were available in the intensive care unit. He was sent home until a date yet to be scheduled. For now, Mr Macdonald is nervously waiting. "My doctor has told me I'm a ticking time bomb - I am always in pain," he said.


Brixter said...

What exactly happened? He dropped an opened beer bottle/can into the river then drank from it? That's really stupid.

Anonymous said...

alcoholics don't care.

WilliamRocket said...

Ah, the future sucks !
In the extremely long ago past, when I was a 10 year old boy living in Toowong, Brisbane, I would take my red backed cattle dog, Mr.Stubbs (Stubbie) down to the Brisbane river, throw sticks for him, and swim, shout yell and bark (him, not me) splashing around and swallowing copious amounts of Queenslands finest river water.
I am 56 now, but I have no hernia.
AND, The Royal Brisbane hospital did a fine job fixing my smashed ankle when I was eleven.