Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Police arrest escaped prisoner despite convincing sex change

Police in the north of Colombia on Monday arrested an escaped prisoner who apparently tried to avoid capture by dressing as a woman and even getting breast implants.

After escaping from prison where he had been sentenced to serve 60 years, Giovanni Rebolledo reportedly decided to get breast implants to help him avoid capture.

Despite his rather impressive new assets, Police were able to identify and capture Rebolledo during a routine stop and search in the Viejo Prado district of the northern coastal city of Barranquilla. Following his extreme make-over, the suspect reportedly was involved to some degree in prostitution in the area.

According to reports, Rebolledo is a member of the criminal gang “Los Topos” and was serving time for robbery, extortion, kidnapping and torture among other crimes. At the time of his capture, Rebolledo was said to be using the newly assumed identity of “Rosalinda.”

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