Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anger over mystery individual who poos in middle of village hall car park every week

Villagers in Misterton, Somerset, are furious after enduring seven months of a particularly foul recurring problem. Every week an elusive nuisance leaves a pile of faeces in the middle of the village hall car park and the people left with cleaning up the mess have had enough. The village hall plays host to a number of community clubs as well as being adjacent to the recreation ground and brand new multi-use games area. Committee members say they are certain the culprit is human.

Booking clerk Lorraine Clarke said: "Obviously we get dog walkers and different things like that up here but to be honest, by the size of it – unless it was a huge dog the size of a horse – it's not a dog. It has got to be human because it is a fair pile and it's got toilet paper – and I don't see many dogs going around with a loo roll. It's been going on long enough now. We want to know who is responsible." Signs have gone up around the car park to remind people that it is not a public toilet, but these have been ignored.

Mrs Clarke added: "We put a sign up there a few months ago on the recommendation of the police and the person actually ripped the sign off and did it on the sign. Now we have put the signs up saying if you do make a mess it will be a £2,500 fine and then there are pictures so it's perfectly plain for anyone who doesn't speak English." Misterton Parish Councillor Diane Bradly is also hoping that letting people know about the problem will help them get to the bottom of the issue.

She said: "It might just jog people's memory – then they may think, 'Oh yes I did see something weird up there' – and then they may remember who was doing it. It's actually a health hazard, it's not very pleasant at all and I can assure you it is not very pleasant clearing it up." A spokesman for South Somerset District Council said: "Our advice would be to call the Environmental Health team and we would normally visit and assess the situation to check if the complaint is justified. If it is, then we would get in touch with the land owner and ask them to deal with the matter if the complaint is on private land."


Gareth said...

Seven months and they haven't thought to train a camera on the spot yet?

Dunex said...

What is it with news photographers and those pathetic pose pictures

Gareth said...

@Dunex the problem is that most local news outlets don't employ what you might call proper professional photographers. In many cases they just give the reporter a camera, in others they just pay minimum wage to a kid with a camera.

Anonymous said...

Leave that heifer out there. One look at that would scare anyone off.

smither666 said...

She is a friend of mine and not a photographer but someone who runs a number of different events at the village hall!