Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Australian hockey team unimpressed as New Zealand national anthem played ahead of match

It's being described as "that awkward anthem moment" and it certainly didn't help Australia's men's hockey team at the Hockey World League.

The Kookaburras were waiting for the Australian anthem ahead of their opening Hockey World League match with Belgium in the Netherlands last week when the Maori verse of 'God Defend New Zealand' begins playing instead of 'Advance Australia Fair'.

YouTube link.

Some of the players laughed and others shook their heads, while the commentator said: "I think you'll find that's the anthem for New Zealand. You have to see the funny side sometimes."

The anthem was stopped before the end of the Maori verse and a stadium announcer apologized for the gaffe. "This was the New Zealand national anthem," he says. "We will restart, our apologies guys." The Kookaburras went on to lose to Belgium 3-1.


SteveC said...

Makes me think of some dialog from the comedy 'The Craic'. In the film 2 Irish fellas go to Australia. In a pub a Australian man says 'SO are you lads English?'
'No, we're Irish...'
'Ah, same, same'
To get their own back the Irish lads then ask the obvious Australian if he's from New Zealand.
'No mate, I'm Australian!'
'Australia, New Zealand...same same'

arbroath said...