Saturday, June 15, 2013

Six young squirrels fused together by their tails untangled by team of veterinarians

The Animal Clinic of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, got a surprise this week when a city worker brought in six squirrels fused together by their tails.

Although quite uncommon, the veterinarian community does have a term for it - squirrel kings - since the rodents move together as one giant squirrel when their tails are entangled. “It just doesn’t happen too often,” said Dr. Steven Kruzeniski, who works with the Animal Clinic of Regina. “It’s a pretty rare thing to see but I have seen it happen once before.”

This particular group of six were nesting near a pine tree and sap fused their tails together. A city of Regina worker found the young squirrels and brought them to the clinic. The animals were sedated and the veterinarian team worked to untangle the mess of tails. Their tails were then shaved of the matted fur and they were given antibiotics to prevent infection.

Dr. Kruzeniski says the young squirrels were lucky to keep their tails as in some more extreme cases they have to be amputated. “They were brought in quickly,” said Dr. Kruzeniski, “They all got to keep their own tails, which is not always the case.” The six squirrels have been released back into the city’s green-space.


Ratz said...

This happens with rats too, see Rat King.
(no my nick has nothing to do with this)

Anonymous said...

Nick thee rat king?!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Thank you,There are many "Chip 'n Dale"s.
Thank you,gently veterinarians.