Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family severed penis of man who eloped with their daughter

Lebanese citizen Rabih A., 39, who hails from the Akkar town of Hrar, was found wounded at the square of the Aley town of Baisour with his penis cut off. Lebanese Red Cross medics rushed the man to the West Shahhar Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The incident happened after Rabih eloped with a woman identified as Rudeina M., who hails from the town of Baisour.

When the relatives of the girl learned of the issue, they investigated the circumstances and found out that Rabih and Rudeina were at a chalet in Tabarja, so they went there and brought them to Baisour, where they severed the man's penis and left him at the town's square. Rabih arrived at hospital suffering from “extreme fatigue after he was severely beaten.”

The man arrived at hospital “without his penis, which was chopped off, while his testicles were smashed,” security sources said. "After Rabih and his girlfriend agreed to tie the knot despite the objection of her family, her relatives telephoned him and said they wanted to make a reconciliation and agree to the marriage," the sources said.

"They agreed to have dinner at a restaurant, but after the dinner the man was kidnapped and severely beaten," they added. "The relatives 'severed his penis to punish him for marrying their daughter.'" The tragic incident caught the attention of the political circles and a high-ranking leader fiercely rebuked the girl's family and the group who committed the crime.


Anonymous said...

Oh those wacky muslems! Islam truly is the religion of peace and love. In fact, it's...the bomb...

Ratz said...

Wow, fierce rebuking, that.. that'll teach them a lesson.