Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Groom struck down by shingles after being traumatised during stag-do prank

A groom says he was left traumatised by a stag-do prank that saw him kidnapped by 16 hooded men and left bound and gagged in a speeding van for more than two hours.

Photo from SWNS.

Ollie McAnich, 33, from Bath in Somerset was driving with his fiancée Clair Hart, 30, in the countryside when the gang ran out onto the road and stopped their car. Brandishing bats, setting off smoke grenades and screaming, they put him in the back of a van where he was bound, gagged and dressed in a Guantanamo Bay-style jumpsuit.

Ms Hart, who was in on the prank, acted terrified as her husband-to-be was forced into the back of the gang’s van and driven away. The mob drove more than 100 miles in silence before letting panicking Ollie in on the gag. Mr McAnich was then made to strip, given a mankini and bicycle and told to cycle to his stag party in Exeter, Devon, more than 10 miles away.

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He said he was so stressed by the prank that he came down with shingles, a viral disease where the skin develops a painful rash and blisters, and he was advised to keep away from his fiancée for a month. But Mr McAnich forgave his friends and fiancée and the wedding took place on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Pick your friends more carefully in the future. Personally, I would've told the whole lot of them, including the fiancee, to take a long walk on a short pier and called it all off. But of course, that's the hindsight from two decades of marriage speaking.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I don't think I would have been as charitable. There's a point at which a prank becomes actionable, and I would have made these bastards sweat.


Kevin said...

Umm, you don't GET shingles from stressing out. The guy already HAD shingles...the stress just brought it out. Wanker just wasn't telling his fiance that he had under control shingles.