Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Woman refused pedicure because of her weight

A woman was refused a pedicure at a nail salon in Hot Springs, Arkansas, because staff told her she was too large and would break the chair.

Rachel Bascue was denied a pedicure twice in two days at Regal Nails Salon last week because of her weight, just a day after her mother was also refused for the same reason.

Ms Bascue recorded the conversation she had with staff on her mobile phone on her second attempt at getting her nails done. "The chair under 250. You cannot fit," a male staff member told her in front of other customers. Another staff member then told her it was for her own safety despite Ms Bascue visiting the salon less than three months ago.

YouTube link.

"I've tried to tell you too many times. It's not fit for you. It's dangerous," another staff member told Ms Bascue. "It is for your own benefit." Ms Bascue said she was humiliated. "I have been talked about and made fun of, but this is the first time I was made to feel like a freak," she said.


Brixter said...

Come again? That's the first time you feel like a freak?

Anonymous said...

I would feel sorry for anyone who had to sit at her feet. I am overweight and I am ashamed of myself. It's up to me to do something about how I look. But this girl is just way to big and she is embarrassing herself by make this public. These people are trying to run a business and she made this public in order to shame them. I hope they get more business because of it. Lose weight and this won't happen. Sorry, if this seems mean, but come on, would anyone want to do her toe nails. Be honest.

Anonymous said...


No need to feel ashamed. Latest research indicates that hunger may be driven by hormonal influences that have become unregulated, and some research even suggests a communicable virus (though this is far from proved). So don't make things worse for yourself by knocking yourself.

As for the salon, the question is, Did the salon refuse service gently for legitimate reasons, or were they just being pricks?

If you -are- large, you will need to realize that some facilities cannot safely service you. It's sad, it's annoying, but it has to be accepted.


Anonymous said...

Hint: nobody is looking at your feet. Not voluntarily. Spend that money on Weight Watchers.

And she isn't "large," Lurker. She's grossly obese. THAT'S BECAUSE SHE EATS TOO MUCH FOOD.

Elena said...

The lady has to realise chairs really have weight limit and that they fear it won't support her weight. I am overweight and I experience breaking a chair before. If the chair breaks and she hurt herself in the process, they potentially face a lawsuit. When she said she went there before, how long ago was it? I don't think she would be happy even if they ask her to sign a agreement to state that she won't press charges should she hurt herself.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think just cos she is fat, doesn't mean her toes are horribly shitty or something. But I guess they do mean well.

Barbwire said...

I have teak dining room chairs. Two were broken (on different occasions) by the same person--a woman who is morbidly fat. I won't let her sit in them anymore. And I tell her it's for her safety. But I don't want her to break them again!