Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thai university students forced to wear anti-cheating paper blinker hats during exams

Lecturers at Kasetsart University in Thailand went to extraordinary lengths to ensure none of their students cheated during exams.

A photo has emerged showing rows of students at the top-ranking university sitting an examination wearing bizarre headgear complete with paper flaps on either side to prevent them looking at each other's answers.

Nearly 100 KU students were pictured wearing the hats in a room during an examination at the agro-industry faculty. The university board said the "blinker hats" were not intended to humiliate students.

The board explained the anti-cheating hats were considered necessary because the room was small and many students were taking the exam sitting close to each other. Rector Wuttichai Kapilakarn promised to look into the blinker matter immediately.

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