Friday, September 06, 2013

64 cars incinerated after barbecue mishap at stunt show

Two men face up to two years in jail after accidentally starting a fire at a stunt show in Brittany, northern France. The pair triggered the devastating blaze after they got drunk and decided to have a BBQ before the show. The blaze ripped through a field being used as a car park as panic spread among the 1,500 spectators.

Witnesses reported how people began running for their lives, fearing the whole place would go up in smoke and they would be trapped. Others who had come from far and wide to watch the show at Noyal-Pontivy, were more concerned about their vehicles and there were reports of drivers fighting with police as they tried to get back to their cars.

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“We only had one thing in mind,” said police captian Pascal Lhoutellier, “and that was to protect people’s lives.” Around 40 firefighters were sent to the scene to tackle the blaze, which resulted in 64 vehicles being destroyed. An investigation was immediately launched to determine the origin of the fire.

It has emerged that the blaze, which caused thousands of euros of damage, and posed a potentially grave risk to lives, was actually caused by two men, slightly intoxicated, who decided to have a BBQ before the show. The two men admitted their error to police. The pair, aged 32 and 37, reportedly told police they thought they had put out the BBQ before heading off to watch the show.

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people running for their lives...from a grass fire? Please.