Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dog fed liver and onions died a horrible death

A dog died after being fed liver, onions and chips. The boxer suffered a "horrible death" according to vet Catrina Durose.

Ms Durose, of Abbeyfields vets in Rocester, Staffordshire, said she performed life-saving surgery on the young male dog and tended to it all night. But it suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest and failed to respond to resuscitation attempts. She said: “Being called out to a bloated dog is a vet’s worst nightmare.

“In this case, the animal was at death’s door just an hour or so after eating – he could’ve had a heart attack at any minute. I did everything I possibly could to save him but there’s about a 30 per cent survival rate for dogs suffering serious bloating. He was blown up when he arrived and got progressively worse, with his organs loaded up with toxins.

"Humans just feel a bit of discomfort when they’re bloated, but the problem is far more serious in larger dogs like boxers, greyhounds, Burmese and St Bernards. If these dogs are fed anything they’re not used to or allowed to exercise 30 minutes before or after eating, they’re at risk."

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