Sunday, October 13, 2013

Midnight house intruder turned out to be huge kangaroo

A huge kangaroo kept police busy overnight after it broke into a home near Gin Gin, south-west of Bundaberg in southern Queensland, Australia. Sergeant Graham Bub says a family at Moolboolaman phoned about an intruder thumping around their home at about midnight on Friday. However when police arrived the kangaroo had escaped through a window. Sergeant Bub says it took the owners a while to work out who and what the trespasser was.

He says the family was shocked to find a large kangaroo thumping around their living room. "A couple of ladies with their children were at the residence and they'd seen these eyes glowing in the dark," he said. "Eventually they realised it was a kangaroo that had become trapped in their house. It was a fair size and they can be quite aggressive." The Gin Gin resident, who does not want to be named, says a huge kangaroo will not be welcome back in her home.

She says she moved to Moolboolaman from Cairns five days ago and has never had a kangaroo in her house before. "I was woken up to what sounded like something going through the rubbish outside and then I heard a crash through the window," she said. "I ran down the hallway and locked myself in my friend's bedroom. It did make quite a crash and it had some heavy thudding, so all we knew was it was something pretty big and yes, it was quite scary."

Sergeant Bub says the family did the right thing by hiding in other rooms while waiting for help. "They had concealed themselves in one room and were afraid for their own safety," he said. There was a child in another room. Kangaroos do have those large talons on their legs and if the animal is cornered and afraid, they're just defending themselves. There could have been injuries to people so the best thing to do is - if you can avoid them and go away. If you're trapped of course conceal yourself somewhere safe and call the police."

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