Saturday, October 05, 2013

Portly burglar found sipping coffee poolside wearing green one-piece swimsuit

A woman in far north Queensland, Australia, returned home recently to find a male burglar sitting by her backyard pool, sipping a cup of coffee, dressed in her neighbour's one-piece swimsuit. The portly 41-year-old gentleman, who tips the scales at 120 kilograms, allegedly stole the green one-piece from the woman's neighbour, as well as a "religious robe".

On the same night, he made his way to the woman's house in Mossman Gorge where he allegedly stole two jackets. But he returned the following morning to return the jackets. It was then that he set about making himself a cup of coffee, which he enjoyed by the pool while wearing the ladies swimwear.

Cairns Senior Constable Russell Parker said the woman remained "calm and composed" when she discovered the stranger in her backyard. "She recognised the swimsuit because she's friends with her neighbour and had been on shopping trip with her on the day she had bought it," Senior Constable Parker said. "He actually explained to her that he had only broken into her downstairs area and was there to return the jackets he'd stolen the night before."

The woman phoned a friend for help, before the alleged burglar left. He handed himself in to police the next day and was charged with multiple break and enter offences. On Thursday, police travelled to the Atherton Tablelands to charge the man over stealing the coffee as well. "It's certainly unique," Senior Constable Parker said. The alleged burglar is due to face Mareeba Magistrates Court later this month.

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