Sunday, November 03, 2013

Serge the llama liberated from circus and taken for ride on tram

Five friends stole a llama from a circus in Bordeaux, France, before taking him for a ride on a tram. Just before dawn on Thursday, the five young men, who had just left a disco in the Bassins à Flot area, went wandering up the Rue Lucien Faure, where a Franco-Italian circus currently resides.

Noticing Serge in his cage they decided to take him with them, walking him into the city centre before his tram ride. They also stole a stuffed lion and a trombone.

On seeing eight-year-old Serge, the tram driver stopped his vehicle before alerting authorities. Serge was then tied to a lamppost. The friends took advantage of the chaotic situation, leaving the scene without being arrested.

YouTube link.

They got on to another tram before finally being arrested at the Place de la Comedie. They were kept in custody at the Police Central Station for a few hours before being released. They will face prosecution by the Criminal Court of Bordeaux. Serge was returned to the circus unharmed.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think I understood a word of French until the very end, "Police, police, police."

Anonymous said...

In fact "Serge Lama" is the name of a famous singer here in France. That's why the Lama's name is Serge. True Story.

Anonymous said...

Serge is a Party Animal!!
He had a Blast with those Drunks
who took him on the tram and to a club vive Serge!!!!!!