Monday, December 23, 2013

Burglars broke into store three times in one night

An Illinois business owner says his store was broken into three times in one night. The break-ins were captured by store surveillance cameras. The Tint Shop, an auto accessories store, sits on busy road in Midlothian.

At 10:30pm on Tuesday a minivan backed up to the front door. Two men got out, used bolt cutters to remove a lock, but an alarm scared them off. But a half hour later they came back. Three surveillance cameras recorded multi-angles of the four-minute smash and grab.

George Leiva and his co-workers have watched the video over and over as the thieves stack up radios, cars alarms, stereo speakers. They don't have enough hands to carry it all. Nobody outside noticed the two men loading the mini-van with over 50 boxes of audio gear, worth roughly $20,000.

The burglars then returned for a 2:30am encore. The Tint Shop owners are offering a reward and hoping that someone can identify the faces on tape.

With news video.

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