Friday, December 20, 2013

Controversy over bloody Santa on a cross with crown of thorns

A bloody Santa Claus hanging on a cross with a crown of thorns is causing a stir in a Corpus Christi, Texas neighbourhood. "It's December, it's Christmas time. It is just a Christmas ornament," homeowner Aaron Olivares says.

It's a stuffed Santa suit made to look like jolly Saint Nick. But then there's blood, a crown of thorns, and the decoration is stretched out on a wooden cross. "The crown of barbwire? A little more decoration. That is about it. Me: You never thought about the Jesus reference or? Aaron: Naw, it really, it didn't come to me like that, I didn't see nothing offensive on it," Olivares explains. Olivares even gave it a name."It needed some lettering up there so I put the 'slayer' up there.

"It's nothing Satanic it is just decorations for Christmas," Olivares says. He says he is a believer and never intended for this decoration to be be offensive to other Christians. "I'm Christian, I mean there is a God and there is a devil," Olivares shares. But some are offended and even shocked. "The cross is the big thing. The cross. Santa Claus is you know well, you can put Santa Claus on a hood, put Santa Claus on your roof, put Santa Claus in your yard, why put him on a cross?" Ricky Mesa, a neighbour says.

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Others don't mind. Like Blanca Perelta, who lives right across the street. "It doesn't really bother me. Everyone likes it who brings me home. My friends all joke about it," Perelta says. Either way Aaron says the zombie Santa, named Slayer, is here to stay. However, he has a warning for those who do not like it. "Get out of my yard. If you don't like it ... don't drive by here," Olivares says.

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BoS said...

It's not "offensive", people are offended. The former shuts down all debate, the latter allows people to talk to each other and explain why.

More talking and less pointing fingers and the world would be a damn sight better place.