Friday, December 27, 2013

Court found drugs courier's explanation that she thought 'grass' was for lawn unlikely

A woman caught smuggling seven kilogrammes of cannabis into Sweden via the Öresund train has claimed that she thought it was "grass" for the garden.

The woman was stopped on the train plying the route from Copenhagen to Malmö by customs officials. She was carrying a bag which contained the contraband.

The cannabis weighed in at 7.4 kilos and the woman admitted straight away that she was carrying "grass". But she claimed she had no idea that the find concerned a narcotic.

The woman claimed that she had no idea that the word "grass" is an established term used to refer to cannabis, explaining that her only knowledge of drugs came from seeing some white powder in a movie. Malmö District Court found this explanation unlikely and jailed her for two years and three months.


Brady Kinin said...

All around the world the Northern Europeans force other peoples at gunpoint to take up alcohol and leave off their traditional substances. Sweden's death from alcoholism rate is far higher than it would be if pot were legal. Ask your local policeman how often alcohol is involved in violence to women.

Anonymous said...

What would be the point of forcing anyone to drink at gun point? "I'm going to waste my money on alcohol for you and risk jail time for coercion and assault because.... making you drink will stop you from smoking pot... somehow . ..and I care about that for... some reason..."