Friday, December 20, 2013

Crocodile stole Santa's sack

A crocodile is on Santa's naughty list after snacking on his big red sack. Santa had made a stop-off at Crocosaurus Cove, in Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory.

But when Santa dropped in on Burt, the 700kg monster crocodile stole the big man's sack. The staff at Croc Cove leapt into action to save Christmas and to ensure Burt - who is a sizeable specimen at 5.1m - didn't end up with a bellyache.

They failed to tempt the seasoned reptilian negotiator away from his stolen booty until handlers upped the ante with a whole chicken. He dropped the sack and ate the poultry - feathers and all.

YouTube link.

Santa said the 80-year-old croc would be blacklisted for many a Christmas to come. "Most of the crocs will get some nice big bits of special Territory ham (wild boar) but old Burt will only find coal in his stocking when I come back on Christmas Eve," he said.

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