Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dog chasing a seagull survived 300ft plunge over cliffs at Beachy Head

A dog miraculously survived after falling 300ft down a steep cliff while chasing a seagull at Beachy Head in East Sussex.

Owners Claire Morris, 50, and husband Mark Russell looked on with horror as their young collie, Iggy, plunged over the edge of the cliff. Claire, from Haslemere, Surrey, said Iggy hovered over the edge and then disappeared.

She said: "Iggy likes to chase birds and he was looking up at this seagull when he started to chase it. Because he was looking up he didn't see the edge of the cliff and he just disappeared. It was horrible. I was howling and it was just awful." The couple couldn't see their dog and then spotted something walking around.

Claire added: "I have no idea how he survived. He must have landed in the water in just the right place and at the right angle." Iggy fell near Belle Tout Lighthouse on the Seven Sisters coastline. The 18-month-old pooch was collected by the RNLI and was reunited with his owners shortly afterwards with just a limp.

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