Monday, December 16, 2013

Dog sacrificed herself to save lives of owners

Cora the dog saved her owners' lives on Thursday night. She ran out to the road seeking help after the car she was riding in crashed.

Sgt. Adolfo Coronado accidentally ran into Cora on Highway 26, headed east out of Othello, Adams County, Washington. It was pitch black, making it nearly impossible to spot Cora when she darted onto the road. She was apparently looking for help.  "I just figured, 'what is this stray doing out here in the middle of nowhere?'" said Sgt. Coronado. Just as Sgt. Coronado went to check on her, his spotlight shined on something in the nearby field.

My lights started glowing off an object in the middle of the field, and that's what led me to find the collision itself," said Sgt. Coronado. That led him to Joshua and Shelby Keller, siblings, who were travelling from WSU Pullman. "I all of a sudden see a man jumping up and down in the field, waving his hands. And that's when it started to hit me like 'oh my God. Something's going on here,'" said Sgt. Coronado.

Their vehicle had rolled down a hill and flipped almost 70 feet. "The vehicle was on its top," said Sgt. Coronado. Joshua managed to get out of the car. But Shelby was injured and still stuck inside. Half of her face was severely damaged. But, she made it out alive. "I honestly believe everything happened for a reason," added Sgt. Coronado. Shelby is recovering in a Spokane hospital from non-life threatening injuries. Joshua said about Cora: "It's hard to think she's gone but was truly an angel to us."


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