Monday, December 16, 2013

Fun between the buns burger ad considered to be in bad taste

A burger restaurant in Sydney, Australia has been forced to defend its advertising campaign after it used a digitally created image of a burger in the shape of a woman's naked backside.

Bondi Junction's Goodtime Burgers, which opened on Saturday, denied it had damaged its brand after disgust and repugnance was expressed about the image that shows a burger patty, lettuce, tomato and cheese squeezed between a woman's bare cheeks.

The advertisement, which appears in the December edition of small Eastern Suburbs magazine, The Beast, was accompanied by the slogan "The freshest fun between the buns". "The brand itself is quite cheeky - [the advertisement] is fun, it's meant to raise awareness of the brand," Goodtime spokeswoman Laura Brown said. "We wanted to give people a laugh as well."

But the ad has been described as 'repulsive' and 'sexist'. "It's highly inappropriate for a food business to promote their concept using vulgarity, toilet humour and sexism," said Corinne Mossati, of the food blog, Gourmantic, who first posted an image of the advertisement on her Instagram feed. "I'll always associate Goodtime Burgers with that repulsive ad. I certainly wouldn't eat one of their burgers."

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