Monday, December 09, 2013

People asking for directions shoved shot glass into man's rectum

Doctors in southwest China's Sichuan province were perplexed when a glass showed up in X-rays of the pelvis of a man surnamed Liu.

Mr Liu of the city of Deyang lost consciousness after three people in a van asked him for directions by the roadside on his way home on Nov. 21. Liu found himself kneeling behind the van when he awoke.

The three people were standing next to the van but did not chase after him when he ran away, according to Liu. Liu found he was bleeding when he arrived home.

He was sent to hospital immediately, where an X-ray revealed an entire drinking glass measuring 5cm x 7cm that had been inserted into Liu's anus while he was unconscious. The police have begun a investigation into the incident.


WilliamRocket said...

Were there REALLY some other people involved ?

Anonymous said...

Totally unbelievable story. Fess up, man.

Kay S. said...

ER doctors hear about these things all the time. "I was hanging curtains in the nude and the shot glass was on the coffee table and I just fell on it and BAM!...."

Maybe this guy doesn't have curtains or a coffee table.