Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Police wait for movement from alleged jewel thief

An accused jewel thief in Queensland, Australia who swallowed two large diamond engagement rings has been refused bail until he can be relieved of the loot.

Mark Watts allegedly posed as a customer then ran off with the rings, worth $59,000, at Crown Family Jewellers at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre on Friday.

Store manager Liljana McDonald set off in pursuit, screaming for help as she chased the thief through the packed shopping centre. Stunned shoppers pointed her in the direction of the thief, before workers cornered him in the back of a pharmacy.

However in a bid to conceal the evidence Watts allegedly took desperate measures - swallowing the one-carat diamond solitaire ring and 1.53-carat yellow diamond surrounded by 28 white diamonds. In a brief Brisbane Magistrates Court appearance on Saturday, Watts was refused bail until police could retrieve the rings.

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