Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sword-wielding man demanded free tacos

A San Antonio man has been arrested accused of threatened a restaurant worker with a sword as he demanded free tacos. The incident happened last week at an eatery in southeast Bexar County.

An affidavit states Adam Benjamin Kramer walked into the Alondras De Jalisco restaurant on December 2nd at about 2:30pm and ordered six tacos.

The waitress reportedly gave Kramer the total cost of his order and he responded by saying he wouldn't pay for the tacos. Instead, he reportedly began pulling a large sword in and out of a black sheath on his waist.

When the waitress said he could talk to the owner, a telephone rang and he walked out of the restaurant. That's when the waitress locked the front door. The affidavit states Kramer continued to wave a large sword outside the restaurant demanding free tacos or someone would die. Kramer has been charged with aggravated robbery.

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