Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Town's Christmas lights accused of looking like leopard print pants hanging from a washing line

The Christmas lights in Penzance, Cornwall, are supposed to look like Christmas puddings.

But locals say they look more like leopard print underwear dangling from a washing line.

Local resident Karen Warne said: "It's nice to see the new Christmas lights in Market Jew Street. I understand that they are supposed to be Christmas puddings in silhouette.

"A local (unscientific) straw poll has unanimously agreed that they look like like pants on a washing line."


Annemarie said...

haha they do, I couldnt see christmas puds until I read thats whay they were supposed to be

arbroath said...

It took me a while to spot them. :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely look more like pants, I too couldn't see what they were supposed to be until I read it. Still can't see Christmas pudding though?!

arbroath said...

The Christmas puddings are supposed to be represented by the 'dark' under the semi-circles of white lights.

It took me ages to work it out, but they still just look like pants to me.