Sunday, December 29, 2013

Woman hypnotised priest before stealing church donations

A woman made off with Christmas offerings made to a church in the Northern Italian city of Padua after having hypnotised the local priest and entered the cloisters where women are banned to make off with some 1,800 euros in cash.

The money was the total offerings gifted to the parish over the Christmas period.

YouTube link.

The 71-year-old priest of Padua's Santa Giustina abbey alerted the police after one of his colleagues informed him of the theft after he came out of the hypnosis-induced trance the woman had placed him under.

She was described to law enforcement officers by the victim as a Roma (gypsy) aged around thirty-five.


Anonymous said...

I just love it when one scammer scams another. It's like watching scavengers eat each other.


Phoenix Matthias said...

Hypnosis cannot be used to control a person or reduce their free will. Ever. Situations like this is one are the reason why I wrote this blog entries:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but with gypsys, ya never know…

p.s. I wish i could trill my r's like this!


Phoenix Matthias said...

In response to


4:34 pm"

I wrote those blog entries because of misconceptions about hypnosis. No matter the person using it (or attempting to use it) hypnosis is not magical.

I wrote those blog entries to help people who have misconceptions about hypnosis. So people know that they always have a choice. That they can ignore suggestions that are given to them.

I go into MUCH more detail about that at the URL that I posted (which may have to be copied and pasted if the link it is not clickable.)

Phoenix Matthias said...

I've "ran into" people who use hypnosis for evil. They take advantage of misconceptions that a person has. If a person believes that hypnosis is magical, or that it can do things that it cannot, then the person will feel like they HAVE to go along with whatever twisted and perverted suggestions are being given to them.

I don't want people being trapped in that. Where, because of misconceptions that they have, they feel like they must go along with what they hypnotist is suggesting.

I want people to know that Hypnosis simply cannot do certain things. So that, if they have the misfortune of running into what I call an "Asmodeus", they know that they don't have to follow whatever suggestions are being given to them.

For more info, please see the link that I posted in the first comment (the lifelightandliberty one)