Friday, January 03, 2014

11-year-old girl rescued after getting stuck in washing machine while playing hide-and-seek

An 11-year-old girl from South Jordan, Utah found herself in a "delicate," situation on Tuesday during a game of hide and seek with her cousins. The girl decided that the stackable washer and dryer would be the best place to tuck away during the game.

Unfortunately moments after dipping into the washer portion of the contraption, Trinity found herself stuck. She called her cousins and sister for help. The kids, not being certified rescue experts, did what kids do, they tried to lube the girl up with butter, then peanut butter.

When that didn't work, they thought perhaps ice cubes might somehow do the trick. All that did is make Trinity cold, so they then decided to douse the girl with warm water. The children eventually called her mother, who called 911. When rescuers arrived, they found Trinity, wet, cold, and covered with condiments.

Crews attempted to remove the agitator from the washer, and thought they might have to saw right into the machine. Eventually rescuers removed the top portion of the stackable machine and Trinity was able to wiggle her way out. Although she does have some bruising to her legs and ankles, her mother says she is mostly just embarrassed.

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