Saturday, January 04, 2014

Female prisoners' bed-sheet escape plan foiled

Two female prisoners went to extreme lengths in their bid to escape from one of Australia's minimum security jails on New Year's Eve. The plan was simple, if not perhaps a little over-done.

Tie together dozens of sheets, sneak out of the dormitory-style building at Emu Plains Corrections Centre in Sydney's west and use the rope to scale the 6m perimeter fence, and then stroll to freedom.

But the plot came undone when a 18m rope was found in a plastic bag under a bed in one of the cells. Authorities were bemused as to why the inmates needed such a long rope, especially as the complex is single story and the fences and walls inside the complex are not particularly high.

The two inmates prisoners, aged 32 and 21 were serving sentences for fraud and property offences. The pair have been moved to another correctional centre and an investigation of the incident is under way.

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Eagle One said...

We can presume these two weren't very bright in the first place, since they got caught in their fraud attempt.

Now they've removed any doubt about their incompetence.