Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Gym client told she dresses like a stripper and ordered to leave by owner

A gym boss in Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory has told a client she belonged in a strip club and needed to wear longer shorts if she wants to work out at his gym again. Physiotherapist Maja Lukic, 25, said she was wearing a pair of Puma gym shorts and a tank top when she was stopped by a manager mid-workout and told her outfit was unacceptable at Snap Fitness Yarrawonga last Thursday. Ms Lukic said she was initially approached by a female manager who told her there had been "lots of complaints" from other clients and "higher managers" about her shorts.

"She said they were offensive and too short and that they had a 5-star policy to uphold," Ms Lukic said. "I just laughed and said 'that's a first', I've worn these shorts at gyms in Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin and never had a problem, they're just normal gym shorts." Ms Lukic said there were other clients in the gym wearing shorts the same length as hers. "Some of them were baggier, but I was just wearing what I was comfortable in," Ms Lukic said. "I go to work out, not to get attention, but to feel good about myself."

Snap Fitness Yarrawonga owner Griff Davies said that Ms Lukic's gym shorts belonged in a strip club. "If (Ms Lukic) wants to dress in that length of shorts and show her private parts, that's her business, she can take it down to Sinsations and Honeypot," Mr Davies said. "We have a standard that we set across all our gyms and have to protect the interests of different shapes and sizes and religious groups because our gym is for everyone."

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Mr Davies said there was a simple way to determine if an item of clothing was too short to wear in his gym. "When someone stands up to reach up and grab the pull down machine and shows their private parts, it's too short," he said. Mr Davies said the Club's dress code also meant clients could not wear crop tops or expose their torsos. "Some idiots try coming in wearing no shirts even after they've been told to cover up," Mr Davies said. "Our gym has 16-60 year olds and we have a duty to protect their interests as well."

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