Friday, January 24, 2014

Pet python rescued after being stranded in coconut tree for five days

A pet python stranded in a coconut tree in Australia's Northern Territory for five days has been rescued and returned to its family. Shona Lauder had kept Monty the carpet python at her father-in-law's Woodroffe home since moving to Darwin from Sydney. But somehow the near-3m creature escaped on Saturday and found his way to higher ground.

"He was in an enclosure with a heavy lid but he must have managed to squeeze out and go for a bit of a roam,"  Mrs Lauder said. "The coconut tree's roots are next door, but the tree leans into my father-in-law's yard." They called for assistance early, but wild weather around the region had not helped the situation.

"The Palmerston fire brigade came but because he was too high and it was wet, they pulled out," Ms Lauder said. Evo Access came to the family's rescue - a team of three sent out to recover the family pet. The company usually works on oil rig and road access jobs, but Rob Evans said their techniques could apply to anything - including snake retrievals.

"I climbed up the tree and found it all wrapped around the crown," he said. "I tried to grab it and it went over the other side. We ended up just chopping the branch he was on and the others caught him." Mr Evans said the job was definitely not part of an average day, but an interesting change from the norm. On getting Monty back, Mrs Lauder was relieved the ordeal was over: "We've found a place so now he's coming home with us."

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