Friday, January 03, 2014

Police seek duct tape-wearing bandit

Police in Barre, Washington County are seeking a robbery suspect who went into a deli in the Vermont city on New Year's Eve and demanded cash while covering his face with duct tape.

The duct tape-wearing bandit applied his disguise in the store parking lot, taking out a roll of duct tape, tearing off some strips, then putting them over his face.

The robber taped up his entire face, leaving his eyes and mouth free. The store manager said the tape seemed to make it hard for him to speak; it was tough to understand him at first.

But police say it took him less than a minute to indicate he had a weapon in his pocket, grab the cash drawer and take off. Investigators looked for duct tape and the drawer outside, but found nothing.

With news video.

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Ratz said...

Police seeking man who now looks like a plucked chicken.