Monday, January 06, 2014

SWAT teams responded to snow shovelling dispute

Cold temperatures gave rise to hot tempers on Friday night in Philadelphia's Overbrook Park when SWAT officers were dispatched to a standoff stemming from a fight over shovelling snow.

Police say two neighbours apparently got into a verbal argument that turned physical just before 4:30pm. Police say one man had a boxcutter, which neighbours wrestled away, but then he went to get another weapon.

"He comes back out, he has a handgun in his waistband. He shows the neighbour he was fighting with the a gun. Fortunately the uniform officers arrive on the scene, and he runs in his house.

"At that point, he barricades himself in his house refusing to come out, and we had to activate our SWAT teams," said Lt. John Walker. After a short negotiation, police took the 50-year-old suspect into custody. No one was hurt.

With news video.

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