Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Wolf filmed attacking Norwegian elkhound

A camera fitted to the back of a Norwegian elkhound has caught footage of a wolf lunging, its jaws wide open, as it attacked.

The camera, strapped on in a metal box, may have saved the dog's life, as it took the brunt of the wolf's bite.

Halvor Sveen had fixed the camera to his dog Igor, a Norwegian elkhound, for a hunting film he was making with friends. He was out with the dog in the woods near his home in Rendalen, north of Lillehammer, when it was attacked by the wolf.

Video has no sound.

Vimeo link. Longer YouTube video.

Sveen only realised about the footage he had caught when he got home and connected the camera to his computer, as he had been some 150m away when the wolf rounded on his dog.

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Bart Sintenie said...

Well I wouldn't say the wolf attacked, the dog was clearly chasing the wolf. I'd say the dog attacked and the wolf tried to counterattack.