Friday, January 10, 2014

Woman left teeth marks in car bodywork during drunken rage

A woman sank her teeth into a car roof after a roadside argument with three shocked strangers on a night out. A court heard Rhian Jeremiah, 26, left teeth marks in the bodywork of the white Fiat 500 - and was likened in court to villain Jaws in the James Bond movies. Her shocked victims heard a "metal crunching" sound as Jeremiah's teeth pierced the metal.

Prosecutor Gerald Neave said: "Jeremiah approached the occupants of the Fiat at 2am after she had been drinking. She became aggressive and angry but the three people in the car could not understand what she was saying and drove off. They were parked outside a takeaway restaurant called Lip Lick'n Chicken when Jeremiah arrived and tried to wrench open the passenger door. She sank her teeth into the car's frame between the roof and the door. The occupants could hear a loud screeching noise as she bit down on the roof."

Magistrates heard Jeremiah had been drinking at a memorial night for her late boyfriend Simon Jones who drowned off the coast of Aberystwyth. The court heard she was retracing his last known movements on what would have been his birthday when she bit the Fiat 500. Car owner Selina Day, 23, told the court: "She came up to the car and tried to rip the door open. We couldn't understand what she was saying - she was very drunk and was abusive.

"There was a bit of an argument and she sunk her teeth into the part of the car above the window. I could hear metal crunching. I had never seen this lady before in my life. I didn't know what she was talking about." Jeremiah, of Cardigan, West Wales, denied causing £220 criminal damage to the car by biting it but was found guilty. She admitted assaulting two police officers who were called to arrest her for biting the car. Jobless Jeremiah was given a 12-month community order and told to attend 20 alcohol abuse help sessions.

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Man! Think what she could have done to a Yugo--or a Trabant!

Er, want some ketchup with that, lady?