Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Woman lucky to survive after jumping on to then falling between carriages of moving freight train

CCTV has emerged of a woman's dice with death at a train station in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. A woman jumped on to an open carriage of a freight train as it rolled through Springwood station. The woman survived despite slipping between carriages and having the train weighing thousands of tonnes pass over her. Two friends had been waiting for the last train home when a freight train appeared and rumbled through the station.

The pair watch the train and have a discussion before she does the unthinkable - she jumps onto an open carriage. From one angle you cannot tell whether she has landed safely. Her friend looked shocked as he paced the platform, not knowing if she survived. The reason is obvious when the train finishes passing through the station a minute later. The woman is lying motionless between the tracks, and her friend feared the worst.

Finally she moves, rolling over and getting back on her feet, and unbelievably she is alive, and walks over to the platform as another witness offers help. Bleeding and shaken, she is treated by paramedics and taken to hospital while police piece together what happened. They conclude by looking at two different angles of the CCTV that she jumped and fell between the carriages. She then managed to not only keep herself between the tracks but also underneath the bottom of the passing carriages.

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Officers were stunned by what they describe as her stupidity, and the fact she survived. They could have charged her but chose not to. "This girl has probably learned a lesson the hard way, she could have been killed or seriously injured," Detective Inspector Mick Bostock said. "It's an offence for someone to touch a passing train or attempt to touch a passing train, so to actually try and jump on a moving goods train is very reckless and I wouldn't recommend it," Mick Bostock added. It is believed the woman needed stitches in her head and back, but was released from hospital the next day.

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