Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beach bench railings installed for public safety

Visitors to a south Wales beach have been left baffled by the installation of railings around a seafront bench. The new safety rail is meant to prevent people sitting on the bench on the coastal path between Pink Bay and Rest Bay in Porthcawl.

Bridgend council said they were installed to stop people using the path after it was damaged by recent storms. The path was closed earlier this year after large parts of it were ripped apart or weakened by the severe weather.

Signs are in place warning people not to use the path because parts of it were unsafe and a gate at the Porthcawl end has been locked. But it can still be accessed from the beach. A spokesman for the council said the railings were installed for public safety.

"The positioning of this safety rail obviously looks unusual, but it was to try and stop people from sitting on the bench, and walking in front of it too, as this is an area of the path that is particularly unstable and likely to collapse, causing further damage," he said.


Anonymous said...

Of the two dozen different or more solutions to this "problem" that would have worked better, this is the one some rocket scientist dreamed up??? I thank my lucky stars these people aren't responsible for "public safety" where I live.....

WilliamRocket said...

I was born near Porthcawl, and I feel it because I left and took my brain with me that such travesties happen. Obviously they are going to repair the walk, so rather than waste money on a very sturdy temporary fence, just do it.
Don't make me come back there.