Thursday, February 20, 2014

Capsicum spray on crazed man's naked backside proved more effective than on his face

A man from Darwin in Australia filmed his strange encounter with a crazed man in Canberra who pretended to be a police officer and attempted to force him from his vehicle before he was shot on the backside with capsicum spray. Jeremy Marquez had been living in the nation's capital for only one week when his car broke down in the suburb of Woden early this month. "The car alarm malfunctioned and shut down the car," he said.

Mr Marquez called the NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association) but almost as soon as he did a random stranger appeared at his window, claiming to be a police officer. "He said 'get out of the car and hand me your keys and registration papers'," he said. The man started beating the window, trying to smash it with his fist. Mr Marquez said that the man didn't have a police uniform on, just a T-shirt and denim shorts. "He started banging on the window straight away," he said.

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"It was close to breaking, I thought it would break but it didn't." Terrified, Mr Marquez called the police for help and then told the attacker he'd give him two minutes to run away, and showed him the phone. But the powerfully-built man kept pounding on the window. Minutes later three police cars swooped and despite being outnumbered seven to one, the man turned to attack them. "He ran at the cops and tackled one in the air, and it took two other cops to restrain him," he said.

Mr Marquez said police sprayed his face with capsicum spray but the man kept on attacking them with his eyes closed. As he tackled the officer his shorts came half off. "So they ended up spraying on his bum," he said. "They sprayed his anus ... and it stopped him." Mr Marquez said the capsicum spray on the man's naked bottom seemed to have more effect than when they had sprayed it on the man's face.

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