Friday, February 07, 2014

Council launches 'No s**t Sherlock' anti-dog poo poster campaign

A local authority is using the phrase ‘no s**t Sherlock’, accompanied by an image of a dog in a deerstalker-hat sitting next to a pile of excrement in an anti-dog mess poster campaign.

Sandwell Council in the West Midlands hopes the initiative, launched alongside private sector provider Serco, will bolster its zero tolerance approach to dog-fouling. The council is threatening dog walkers with £75 fines as part of a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to dog poo. The posters will be put up in parks, open spaces and dog mess ‘hot spots’.

Reaction has been mixed with some praising the council. But Opposition Tory Councillor Mavis Hughes thought the language of the poster was going too far. The Wednesbury North councillor said: “It’s a swear word. Yes, they’ve censored it with asterisks but it’s obvious what it is.

“There are children who will see this. I don’t think we should be encouraging them to use foul language to describe dog mess.”  Dog owner Joanna Lawton, from Rowley Regis, said: “Perhaps before having zero tolerance you could put more dog mess bins out and about. Walking a mile with warm poo is not nice.”

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