Sunday, February 02, 2014

Dog found after a week in wreckage of car

Runa the dog has been discovered in the wreckage of a smashed car, which she had been hiding in for a week, following a serious road accident in central Sweden. The mongrel went missing after a road accident in Bjursås when her owners' car collided with a truck, which hospitalised one of the owners, and killed two other dogs.

One of the other dogs made an escape from the wreck and was later recovered. However, Runa had vanished without a trace and following a week of searches her owners were starting to give up hope. Miraculously, the dog was discovered when the wrecked car was taken into the police station for a technical examination.

She had been keeping quiet and hiding under a seat for seven days without food or water. "The happiness is so extreme, you couldn't get a better end to the story," Alexander Fagerlund, whose parents were in the car crash, said. He added that he along with relatives had removed items from the car earlier in the week - before it was transferred to the police station - but had heard not as much as a peep from Runa.

"I had been in the car to get my parents' bags but it was so wrecked that the only way to get them was through the back window. She didn't make a sound," said Fagerlund. When he got the call from the police to say his four-legged friend was alive and well he could scarcely believe it. "It's so unlikely that I can hardly believe that it's true," he said. Fagerlund added: "She is doing amazingly well considering she didn't have food or water for a week. Now she is standing up at the dining table and begging for food."

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