Saturday, February 01, 2014

Golf ball spotted on alligator's head

David Pucin was playing a round of golf with friends at Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida on Monday when he spotted an alligator with a golf ball on its head.

"It was just a strange happening. Definitely one of the stranger things I have seen on the golf course," said Pucin. How the ball landed on the gator's head remains a mystery.

"I bet it's a ball someone was looking for and thought it went in the water. That's what I think," said Mickie Zada, the Club's General Manager. Others may speculate someone placed the ball on the gator's head.

Pucin and Zada find that hard to believe. "I can't imagine anyone going up to that alligator," said Zada. If someone did hit the ball and it landed on the alligator's head, club rules permit a free drop no closer to the hole from a safe distance. No penalty would be assessed.

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Anonymous said...

Wuss! Play it where it lies!


(Yeah, it's a cheap joke, but someone had to post it.)