Monday, February 17, 2014

Large freezer needed to preserve giant cardigan

An appeal has been launched to find a large freezer to store a giant cardigan knitted to mark a town's 900th anniversary four years ago. An army of 200 knitters created the 5m (16ft)-wide and 2.5m-long garment which depicts the town of Cardigan's history. It includes a castle, shops, churches and chapels, as well as portraits of local people and school children.

The committee set up to create the cardigan issued the appeal to try to stop it being eaten by moths. The cardigan was one of several anniversary projects funded by a £30,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant and was designed and co-ordinated by Lisa Hellier, assisted by Susan McComb.

"The cardigan has been on display at many venues over the last three years but it has now been removed from its last home at the town's market hall," said Ms Hellier, a community artist based in nearby Eglwyswrw. "Consequently we need to freeze the cardigan for about three weeks which will kill any moths that could damage it."

Ms Hellier added that the cardigan had been designed so that the front, back and sleeves could be dismantled easily. "The whole cardigan would probably fit in two large six-foot freezers or a walk-in freezer and we are looking for someone who is willing to provide this facility," she said. The design incorporates all aspects of the town's culture and history. Ms Hellier added that she hoped the cardigan would find a permanent home at a local heritage centre such as Cardigan Castle.

There's a news video from when the cardigan was first put on display here.

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