Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Strange wibbly wobbly mud found in New Forest

Nick and Beth Minister were walking their dog Molly in the New Forest, Hampshire at the weekend when they felt the earth move beneath their feet.

LiveLeak link. Alternative YouTube link.

Ben Havers, who was with the couple, captured these videos of the ground rippling and bulging under their weight as they ventured across a waterlogged field.

“We just happened upon it, there were several similar patches to this one.” Mr Havers said. The strange wobbly effect was caused by water becoming trapped between the impermeable clay and the top soil after recent heavy rains.

LiveLeak link. Alternative YouTube link (ish).

Muddy water can be seen bubbling out of a hole after Mr Minister pierces the ground with a stick, but the group were never concerned about falling through. "It's very clay heavy ground around there so we were quite confident it was a shallow recess and not a deep 'sinkhole' underneath”, Mr Havers said.

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Jeff said...

It's like he just popped the Earth's pimple!