Monday, March 03, 2014



Anonymous said...

Not even on a double dog dare.

Elena said...

Hi Abroath,

Here's the translation for the chars:

渣 - broken bits/residue
辣椒 - chilli peppers
炒 - stir fry
脆 - crispy
臊 - minced meat fillings (may contain onions and tomatoes etc)

The char 臊 in the menu is an abbreviation. It should be 肉臊. Similar to when you hear a kid asks "Can I have some Coke, please?" You know he means Coca Cola, not Cocaine.

The char 臊 can mean smell of decaying meat (or smell of ammonia/urine) in a diff context. It is unfortunate nobody checked the translation before putting it on the menu =S.

arbroath said...

Thank you for that amazingly detailed translation and explanation, Elena! :)